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Comparison of all steel test bench with steel wood test benc

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The test bench is made of both wood and steel, and the combination of steel and wood. Different materials, in essence, have great differences in performance characteristics. Wood products will not rust, simple processing, but poor heat resistance and unstable structure. Although the steel test bench is acid and alkali resistant, not afraid of high temperature and stable structure, the processing process is complex, so the cost is higher. When we buy it, We should proceed from actual needs.

Central test bench

Nowadays, the all wood test bench has been gradually eliminated, and the steel wood test bench and steel test bench have become the mainstream. The all steel test bench is completely made of steel, while the steel wood test bench is a compromise made to meet the beauty.

The price of steel wood test-bed is lower than that of all steel test-bed, which mainly involves the problem of cost. The processing technology of wood products is simpler, and the material itself is cheaper.

Some people will worry about whether the quality of the steel wood test bench will be worse than that of the all steel test bench. In fact, although the cabinet of the steel wood test bench adopts wood, the frame still adopts the steel frame with stable structure. If compared with the all steel test bench, it must be worse, but its quality is much higher than that of the all wood test bench.

As for the processing technology: the more expensive the price, the more complex the process is. The all steel test-bed is made of galvanized steel plate. Compared with the traditional cold-rolled steel plate, the galvanized steel plate surface is galvanized, and the galvanized steel plate is not easy to rust, which solves the rust problem of steel materials in one fell swoop. After the equipment is formed, it will be selected according to the customer, Epoxy resin powder spraying with different color numbers makes the sprayed equipment more beautiful and corrosion-resistant.

To sum up, if the cost is considered, it is recommended to choose the steel wood test bench, while if the requirements for equipment performance and quality are higher, it is recommended to choose the all steel test bench!

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