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Performance index of fume hood exhaust

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The surface wind speed is an important index to determine the performance of the fume hood. The faster the surface wind speed is, the more exhaust air volume is. For a qualified fume hood, the exhaust air volume must meet the standard first, so as to meet the exhaust demand of the laboratory.

Fume hood

However, at the same time, the surface wind speed and exhaust air volume can not completely determine the equipment performance. It is not that the faster the surface wind speed is, the better. Sometimes too fast wind speed will lead to the instability of wind speed, and excessive exhaust air will also lead to the generation of indoor negative pressure. Negative pressure will lead to the backflow of external polluted air, which will lead to the pollution inside the laboratory. However, too fast wind speed, It will cause turbulence in the fume hood, which will cause air flow overflow and reduce the absorption and control effect of the equipment on the polluted gas.

To sum up the above two points, a qualified fume hood needs appropriate wind speed and exhaust air volume, which can not be too high or too low. Too low will lead to insufficient equipment performance and can not meet the actual exhaust demand, while too high will lead to unstable exhaust and accidents.

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