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What should I pay attention to when placing the fume hood

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The utilization rate of fume hood in laboratory construction is very high. How to select the appropriate and reasonable installation position of fume hood needs to select the type, material and shape of fume hood according to the experimental content, and ventilation should be considered. When organic matter or other special reagents are used in the experiment, their control wind speed shall be fully considered. Heat source: when equipment with heat source is used and its heat exceeds 2000 kcal / h, the ventilation required to discharge heat shall be considered to determine the power of the fan. When there are radioactive substances or perchloric acid and other experiments: a special fume hood shall be selected, and its inlet air speed must be set greater than 0.5m/s. When using large equipment for experiments: consider the effective size of the interior and leave necessary space for exhaust.

Material: when using special acids for experiments, the material of fume hood shall be considered. For example, semiconductor industry and corrosion industry must be made of anti-corrosion materials.

Overall dimension: the overall dimension is selected according to the experimental content. Too large volume will cause waste and too small will affect the use.

Environmental protection: if the discharged harmful gas must be lower than the national environmental protection requirements, if it exceeds the national health standards, corresponding purification devices shall be installed.

In the installation position of the fume hood, avoid facing the road and frequent passage of personnel (avoid injury), stay away from the places where the windows are blocked and the ventilation and daylighting are unfavorable, avoid blocking the entrance and exit, affecting the opening and closing of the door, and avoid facing and placing at the corner wall. As close as possible to the window, it is easy to exhaust.

In the modern research laboratory, advanced scientific instruments, perfect experimental equipment and good experimental environment are the necessary conditions to improve the scientific and technological level and promote scientific research achievements. People oriented, ensuring safety and improving efficiency are the greatest mission of laboratory construction. As an important experimental facility in the biochemical laboratory, the fume hood plays an important role. Therefore, the fume hood that meets various technical indexes must be carefully selected. Depending on the function and safety of the fume hood, if the fume hood installed by the unit is purely one-sided to reduce the cost, the consequences are unimaginable, and people should pay enough attention to it. Prevention is far more important than treatment in laboratory working environment
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