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Performance comparison between universal hood and fume hood

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The fume hood plays a role in controlling and discharging the polluted gas. Unlike other exhaust equipment, such as universal exhaust hood and atomic absorption hood, it also has the exhaust function, but it can not well control the air flow direction, isolate the polluted gas and prevent the overflow of the polluted gas.

Universal exhaust hood

The universal exhaust hood is mostly installed above the test bench. When the experiment is carried out, the movable arm of the universal exhaust hood can be moved to directly cover the cover directly above the experimental position, so as to ensure that the polluted gas can be absorbed and discharged smoothly.

The universal exhaust hood has the advantages of flexibility and mobility, and can move arbitrarily within the maximum radius.

The disadvantage of universal exhaust hood is that the absorption area is not large enough to fully absorb harmful gases, so the safety is poor.

The fume hood is directly placed somewhere in the laboratory. When it needs to be used, open the fume hood, and then transfer the experimental environment to the cabinet of the fume hood. Because the interior of the cabinet is isolated from the outside, when the fume hood works, the polluted gas will be firmly controlled in the cabinet, so as to avoid the contact between the polluted gas and the outside while discharging the polluted gas.

Fume hood

The advantages of the fume hood are isolation and discharge effect. At the same time, because the experiment is carried out directly inside the fume hood, it plays a protective role for the experimenters.

The disadvantage of the fume hood is that the equipment occupies a larger position and cannot be moved at will. It is rigid and inflexible.

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